How to Download & Install Android Paid Apps for Free?


You have found a great Android app on Google Play,unfortunately,the app is paid and you really don't want to pay for it. So, how to do it?Well,no worries.You can following three methods to do that.

Paid Android apps for Free

1.File sharing Websites

The best way to download Android apps for free is through file sharing websites. The file sharing on these websites is done by Android users who download or buy paid apps and upload them in file sharing websites. The best popular file sharing websites are:, and Out of them all 4shared is best and most popular and i will prefer it as it’s the easiest. Steps to download paid app from these websites-
  • Go to any of these websites and type the app name you want to download for free and add the extension of “.apk“. For example if you want to download ADWLauncher EX ( a paid app in Google play), type adw launcher ex .apk and press enter.The results will then be viewed.
  • From the results click the latest uploaded file and download it.
  • Once the .apk file is downloaded, transfer it to your phone with USB cable and install it on your phone.
Note: You can also download 4shared app from the market instead of searching apps in the web.

2.Save the app and following some deal website

You can find some paid apps will go free on some websites, like Amazon has a option of free app of the day, and on, you can find the freebies for the apps and such these deal sites.

3.BlackMart Alpha app

BlackMart Alpha is an Android app itself. To use this app for downloading paid apps for free you need to search for BlackMart Alpha in the above mentioned file sharing sites. Search results will appear. Download this application. Transfer and install it on your smart phone.
  • After installation, open the BlackMart Alpha app. A same design will appear as the Android market app on your smart phone.
  • A list of apps will appear in this app. You can also use the search option to search and download a paid app.
  • Search results will appear. The price of the specified or searched app is struck out. Click on download and install it directly on your smart phone for free.

Note: You can download any app but don’t update any app from BlackMart Alpha as there are chances that it might corrupt that app.

So, if you want to download paid apps free,just try one of the methods above.

Warning: Downloading paid apps like this is illegal. Do it at your own risk. We will not be responsible if your device faces any problem after using the above methods.

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